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Financial Aid FAQ

Q. Do blended (adults taking classes with high school students) programs qualify for federal financial aid?
A. No, blended programs are not eligible for federal financial aid.
Q. Are all adult-only programs approved for federal aid?
A. No. Please see EVIT’s course catalog to verify if the program you are interested in is approved for federal aid.
Q. When I fill out a FAFSA it keeps asking for my parent’s information, but I don’t live with my parents. My parents don’t support me financially at all. Do I really need to do this?
A. Yes. The Department of Education has determined specific questions to determine if parental information is required. If FAFSA is asking you to complete this information, you must enter it to determine your eligibility for federal aid. For more information visit:
Q. Why is the school asking for more documents? I already entered it on the FAFSA.
A. Some students are randomly selected for a process called verification. The school must request these documents to ensure a student is eligible for the federal aid they were estimated to receive. Please review your Student Aid Report for further information or visit:
Q. Why does my FAFSA confirmation state I am eligible for loans if EVIT does not accept student loans?
A. The FAFSA is an application for a student to see what they are eligible for; it is not a school-specific application. It is the responsibility of each school to advise the student if the program qualifies for federal aid and which kind (grants/loans, etc).
Q. Why does my FAFSA state I am eligible for more grants than what EVIT is telling me?
A. EVIT is a vocational certificate-granting school. We base awards on the amount of clock hours and weeks in each program. As the majority of our programs are less than one academic year, the federal grant is pro-rated according to federal regulations.
Q. I went to another school and received federal financial aid. How does this work at EVIT?
A. Make sure to complete your FAFSA and enter EVIT School code: 035723. Once received, we can review your information and review your student aid history to determine if you are eligible for additional federal aid at EVIT. You can also review your entire federal aid history online:
Q. I want to understand more about financial aid. Where can I find this information?
A. Please visit Federal Student Aid:

Q. I have more questions I need answered, who can I contact?
A. For further answers to your questions, feel free to reach out to the Financial Services department:
EVIT Adult Education is Accredited by the
Commission of the Council on Occupational Education.
EVIT is approved for campus-based and federal grants only.
EVIT accepts the PELL Grant.
EVIT cannot accept FAFSA Loans at this time.

EVIT School Code: 035723