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Getting Started Early

Thinking about coming to EVIT? That's great! You may have some questions. 

  • When should students start thinking about EVIT?
The earlier the better! However, students who are interested in attending should consider EVIT as they create their ninth-grade schedule. This way they can take the required classes for graduation during their freshman and sophomore years. It also helps to put EVIT on their Education Career and Action Plan (ECAP).
  • What high school credits will students receive while attending EVIT?

Students earn 0.75 credits per quarter (or 3 credits each year) completed with a passing grade. Students in 4-hour block programs earn one credit every quarter (or 4 credits each year).

Most EVIT credits satisfy the elective credits needed for graduation. Currently, some of our health classes count toward an anatomy and physiology credit as well. (Clarify through your home school counselor if they will accept the EVIT credits for something other than elective.)

  • Do we offer any dual enrollment for college credits in addition to the high school credits?
  • Do students graduate from EVIT?
All EVIT high school students graduate from their home high school. Students who fulfill all of the requirements in their EVIT program will receive a completion certificate and can participate in the EVIT Completion Ceremony.
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  • How much does it cost to attend EVIT?
Students attending EVIT from one of our 11 sending school district regions come tuition-free.  Class fees vary by program and are based on the cost of required tools, supplies/materials, and career and technical student organization (CTSO) membership. There is a scholarship through the EVIT Educational Foundation to help with costs based on student need. 
  • Is transportation provided?
Transportation is provided for high school students by their sending district or charter for morning and afternoon sessions. Students must provide their own transportation for all other sessions.  Refer to your home district transportation services for any related questions. 


IMPORTANT: To enroll at EVIT, you must reside within the boundaries of one of the 11 East Valley school districts served by EVIT. Those districts include Scottsdale, Fountain Hills, Mesa, Tempe, Apache Junction, Cave Creek, Chandler, Gilbert, Higley, Queen Creek and J.O. Combs. 

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For questions, please contact the EVIT Admissions Office at (480) 461-4108 or email: