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Students in the Aviation program gain a valuable, in-depth understanding of the flight industry, including piloting, air traffic control, unmanned aircraft, maintenance, and more. Students interested in obtaining their pilot's license are also prepared to pass the FAA private pilot ground school exam. 

Aviation includes instruction in:

Principles of aircraft design and performance 
Aircraft flight systems and controls
Flight crew operations and procedures
Radio communications
Navigation procedures and systems
Airways safety and traffic regulations
Governmental rules and regulations pertaining to piloting aircraft
Turbine layout and fabrication of sheet metal and other materials into structural members
Parts and fittings
Replacement of damaged or worn parts such as control cables and hydraulic units
EVIT aviation student trains on flight simulator


Program Details

Aviation - see pages 89-90

Location: Power Rd. campus  

8:00 - 10:35am
12:00 - 2:35pm
Monday through Friday
See Calendar for EVIT school dates


Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)