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Industry Partners

Industry partners are businesses, organizations, or professionals from various industries who collaborate with the East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT) to enhance and support EVIT’s programs. These partnerships aim to bridge the gap between education and the workforce by providing students with real-world learning experiences, industry-relevant skills, and exposure to career opportunities.
Industry partners play a crucial role in CTE programs by:
1.    Providing expertise and guidance
2.    Offering work-based learning opportunities
3.    Supporting curriculum development
4.    Providing equipment and resources
5.    Offering professional development opportunities
6.    Placement
By establishing partnerships with industry stakeholders, EVIT programs can ensure that they remain current, relevant, and responsive to the needs of the job market. These collaborations help students develop the skills, knowledge, and connections necessary for successful careers in their chosen fields.
Advisory Boards
The role of an East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT) advisory board is to provide guidance, support, and industry expertise to EVIT programs. The advisory board consists of professionals, employers, community members, and representatives from relevant industries or sectors. Their primary responsibilities include:
1.      Program Planning and Development
2.      Curriculum Review
3.      Industry Partnerships
4.      Workforce Readiness
5.      Student Support and Guidance 
6.      Program Evaluation
Overall, EVIT advisory boards play a crucial role in bridging the gap between education and industry by ensuring that EVIT programs align with workforce needs, preparing students for successful careers, and promoting collaboration between educational institutions and the business community.


An internship affiliation is a formal connection between an intern and the organization hosting the internship. It involves an agreement that outlines the internship details, benefits both the intern and the organization, and establishes a framework for their working relationship.

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