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HopeTech - EVIT's Residential Community

foster facility HopeTech in construction phase while leaders do a walk-through
The logo of HopeTech, EVIT's Residential Hall
On the EVIT Main Campus, we are building apartment-style housing for young adults in foster care. Construction will be completed in July in time for the 2024 fall semester. To start, EVIT will pilot the program for about 16 students.
Applications will be available online beginning March 2024.
  • Applicants were in foster care at age 18
  • Applicants are 18-21 years of age
  • Applicants can demonstrate a sincere interest in an EVIT certification program
How to Apply:
  • Applications for the residential community will be part of the EVIT online enrollment process.
When to Apply:
  • Applications open the second week of March 2024.
What You'll Need to Apply:
  • The name, email address, and phone number of a non-relative adult who will complete a recommendation form. This is required.
  • If applicable, the name, email address, and phone number of the applicant’s DCS Case Manager, CDS, and/or success coach.
Decision Timeframe:
  • While this is a pilot program and subject to change, the HopeTech Application Committee anticipates making the first round of application decisions at the end of April / early May.
  • We expect a waiting list and will communicate directly with the applicants.
Housing Information:
  • 8 students per apartment
  • Rent - maximum $500 per month
Residents Will:
  1. Work toward a high school diploma or GED, if they haven't completed high school or obtained a GED.
  2. Enroll in an EVIT program and meet the attendance and academic requirements of the program.
  3. Sign a contract with EVIT acknowledging their understanding of, and agreement to, EVIT rules, policies, and expectations.
  4. Sign a lease agreement with EVIT.
  5. Meaningfully participate in programming in the areas of workplace readiness and independent living skills.
  6. Work a part-time job.
  7. Spend 35 hours a week on academic requirements and other meaningful activities, including part-time employment, an internship, a regular volunteer commitment, a mentee commitment, job and /or life skills training, required meetings, or other activities approved by the Program Director.
  8. Attend regularly scheduled community meetings.
  9. Comply with all academic and program requirements, rules and regulations.
For more information, please email

Title IX/Title VII/ EEOC Coordinator
Superintendent Chad Wilson
1601 W. Main St.
Mesa, AZ  85201
Section 504/ADA Coordinator
Tony Niccum, STEPS
1601 W. Main St.
Mesa, AZ 85201