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Automotive Services

automotive students perform diagnostic test on vehicle
Automotive students perform mechanical technique on vehicle
Let our Automotive Technologies Program take care of your vehicle needs! We currently offer services and maintenance of vehicles to outside customers in the following areas:
Tires Limited Power Steering Work Cabin Air Filters
Tire Balance Oil Changes Drive Belts
Shocks Most fluids that do not require manufacture/scanner Starters (most)
Struts Wiper Blades Alternators (most)
Wheel Alignment Light Bulbs Brake Inspections
Limited Suspension Work Air Filters Minor Brake Repair


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  • All vehicles must be dropped off during regular school hours. 
  • Services are offered during school hours. Labor is $25/hour.
  • Customers must supply parts needed for service. If you know the parts your vehicle needs, please bring the parts, a roll of cleaning rags/towels and a can of brake cleaner. These items can be purchased at any parts store. 
  • All incoming work will be inspected prior to repairs.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any work due to the condition of the vehicle, previous repair attempts or undisclosed vehicle information.
  • Transportation is not provided.
  • Work will not be performed over the weekend.
  • If the vehicle requires diagnosis, your vehicle will require additional time on our campus. 

*This service is offered to benefit the students by giving them work-based learning experiences. We ask that you are patient with the students, as the turnaround may be longer than expected.